Monday, September 29, 2003

Ungh! Home sick today. Apparently, something's going around. I feel highly spaced-out w/ scruntchy throat...very appealing , I know.

I still might drag myself down to the acoustic Ovulators tonight at Cafe Paradiso. I haven't set foot in there since their first gig a year and a half ago ( back when they were 'Super Duper')

Otherwise, band practice tonight and little else. Oh, except for the excellent feature/documentary series on the Blues on PBS this whole week. At 9pm, people - check it out. I was highly moved watching it last night. At some point, Beck and Nick Cave are featured along with many amazing trad blues guys from the past.

Enough rambling. C-ya
Another dream; this one bordering on bizarre:

I'm in Gasquet, the rural Northern California town I grew up in. I'm working in the vacant lot in front of my mom's old house with my mom and brother Mike. In the building adjacent to the lot, there's a display window. In the window there is a corpse-like body in tighty-whitey underwear. Upon closer inspection, I realize that it's me as a teenager. I look dead, yet well-preserved. I have bruises on my face and body; apparently, I had an accident and I had to have a new body constructed at some point and this body is what's been left over for all these years, unbeknownst to me. I'm feeling a mixture of horror and curiosity as I get closer to this corpse of myself. I go into the building and examine myself. Now, I look even younger - maybe nine or ten - and I'm coming back to life. I'm very excited at this second chance to see myself grow up. The interior of the building is done in a bright yellow tile and is very clean and warm. I take my young self outside, talking all the way, telling young me about all the wonderful things that he has to look forward to. we decide not to go upstairs to the scummy apartments and opt to walk to my mom's house in the back. I can hardly contain my excitement.
At the front of my mom's house, about three of my brother's mexican friends are laughing and letting off fireworks; they seem drunk and are beckoning my brother to come out and either fight or party with them. I muscle past these guys with mini-me and go inside for dinner. When my brother goes to the door to answer these guys, they start talking loudly about all the new flavors of ravioli that are about to come out. I shout out to them that they should shut the f**k up and that I should know a thing or two about ravioli since I work for (insert name of the company I work for here).
I go back to myself, still sadly excited. Suddenly, we seem to be back at the original building and the small version of me is packaged, like a life-like doll. No; packaged like a frozen entree. I peel back the plastic, dip a finger in and taste myself. It's as if I've turned into some kind of hummus or tofu pate. I was delicious.

End of dream.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Just back from the show at EMU featuring Gossip and Rock 'n Roll Soldiers. There are too many shows happening lately; at least that makes up somewhat for those long spells where any and all hip bands seem to avoid Eugene for months on end.

I remember when RnR Soldiers were a bunch of squeaky voiced kids some years back when they recorded their first demos in my garage. They're looking like young men now and yowza! They're a hot item for the 70's rocker kids these days. They still pull from the Stooges/Stones vein of music, with a greater emphasis on performance than on actual sound. I would suggest that they slow things down and concentrate on writing some killer songs to go along with their great image, but no one asked me what I think. Still, I'm on their side and have a great affection for them.
Gossip. I don't know why I was expecting something a bit scarier or more intense from this 3-some of Olympia-ites. I've been listening to them on record for maybe 3 years and I have to say I was shocked by how young they looked - in fact, I'm quite certain the entire night was designed to make me feel old. All the young college kids looked more like 15 than 18 to me and the whole scene reminded me oh-so-much of my own mis-spent rock and roll youth. Anyway, I digress. The Gossip were great. Despite having a novice soundman who had NO IDEA HOW TO SET MICROPHONES UP FOR A DRUMSET AND ELECTRIC GUITAR, (I mean, the mics weren't even close or even aiming at what they were supposed to be picking up...) Gossip still rocked with a swagger and nerdy confidence that you could dance to. 4 string guitar and a shitty drum kit providing a perfect bed for the punk gospel wailings of Beth Ditto. Really, she has a great voice and stage presence and boy, can she dance. I can see her really going on to more interesting projects in the next decade or so. I'm not wildly into the whole Olympia kooky/cool scene, but I think it's a great thing for the younger kids looking for something non-mainstream that is self-affirming and fun (and sexy...) I still came away inspired that really, you can do ANY music project on your own terms and make it fun and interesting. Boo Ya!

Now, I'm tired and it's not even 11:30...time to put my kid to bed and then fall asleep watching Saturday Night Live.
The show at Tiny Tavern with Yeltsin was a success. I was afraid no one would show due to the neighborhood Anarchists' boycott of the club due to some dumb actions on the part of the owner. I did notice a letter of apology posted near the door for whatever it was he did to piss off the local political contingent. Guess what people? Humans make glaring mistakes all the time, whether they're proprietors of Tiny's or anarchists throwing rocks at cops and receiving heavy-handed sentences. I don't believe in an utopian potential for humanity - I believe we're flawed and beautiful and prone to dysfunction. (ed. note: enough on the rant, already!)

All aside, people showed up, so yay. I felt kind of spaced-out, but musically I think we were pretty on - especially for the band that never rehearses. I especially liked "Can't Move her" this time around, as it had some musical twists that none of us were expecting and still came out well.

Yeltsin definitely rocked it in their sad, post new-wave guitar-pop style. They were loud, so the vocals were hard to hear through the shitty PA but that's life. Highlights were the schoolyard bully song that Jake sings + ex Officio + By Myself. If you haven't heard these tunes yet, go check out their link and download their mp3's.

It seemed like a sad element prevailed in the mood the whole night, yet people seemed to be having fun at the same time. I pat myself on the back for avoiding all opportunities for bumming smokes off of friends; the downside was that I was a nervous freak all night long. Today, I'm feeling much, much better.

Got the rough mixes back yesterday for Vagiant Uk sounds pretty good, in a Ratt/New York Dolls/ Billy Squire kind-of way. We have a Halloween show opening for the Cherry Poppin Daddies at McDonald Theatre. I don't think I've ever played in a venue that big before. I'm sure it will feel slightly weird, but it's only Eugene. I can remember opening for the Daddies 8-9 years ago at some theatre in Salem and being absolutely petrified to go on in front of a sizable audience. I think I have a bit more confidence about the matter now. We'll soon see.

More later

Friday, September 26, 2003

Gnnngghghhhhhh AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been struggling with quitting cigs all year long and I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'm highly irritable and ready to bite the head off of anyone who comes near me, so STAY BACK! Don't smoke around me and if I beg you for a cig, TELL ME NO! My co-workers think it's a bit odd that I'm squirming and writhing around on the floor of the office biting myself, but they already have an idea that I'm a little sideways of normal, so they're politely ignoring me.

Tonight, at the Tiny Tavern, Yeltsin and Ed Cole will rock you. BYOB and stay outside if you're intent on maintaining the boycott on the venue - just come within earshot and enjoy the music at least. I'm sketchy on the details of what went down there last week (something about missing teeth and a flying beer glass); I'm just happy to play on a bill with one of my favorite local bands at the moment.

No other news to report. I'm just amazed I could sit still long enough to write this entry. GNNNNGAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Alright! On time for work today despite the late night out. Went down to John Henry's to check out Consonant with Evan Dando. I felt lucky that Keith let me "work the back door" in lieu of the steep admission price. Thanks to Abba, too.
Consonant...were awesome to hear and see, but something just didn't hit right about them. I most enjoyed just hearing the wispy rasp of Connely's voice along with the Burma-esque chord progressions. There is something about the Boston bands I've seen - they all sound great on record, but sometimes they're so fucking loud that it's hard to distinguish the subtleties of their songs. Call me old. Still, I could hear the roots of Sonic Youth, Husker Du and many others coming out of the geezer's voice and amp.
Evan Dando just about made me puke. I hate to be abjectly negative, but WHAT A WHINING WEENIE! I hate people that cut their first song short because their stage mix isn't right, especially when the (misguided) fans of his music were completely pulled in and attentive. I just got the feeling that Dando wasn't giving his all since it wasn't a packed show and he came off as being condescending towards Eugene for not coming out in droves to lick up his whining drivel. Compare that with artists of much higher stature (John Doe, Elliot Smith, Uz jsme Doma, the Jesus Lizard) who I've seen play to 20 people in this town and they still gave their all...waaaahh, Evan. Go back to Boston.
Afterward, T and I split and cruised by WOW hall to listen to Dick Dale from outside...the door guy was nice and popped open the window so we could look in for a few tunes - Dick was awesome! A totally packed house was digging his every move and his guitar heroics were dead-on. What a cocky bastard! An ace player with great stage presence; I was glad to catch a bit of his set.
A very rock and roll Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I just read that
  • John Grisham
  • of TSOL is running for Governator of California. IF the recall still happens.
    Hey, I hope anyone reading this gets a chance to tune in their radios/computers to
  • KWVA 88.1
  • at 5pm pst today to hear
  • live on MR Random's show. If I get lucky, Mr Random will play a few cuts off my new CD as well. I would go up there and do a spiel if I had time today, but seeing how I need to make up a little time at work, I don't think that's going to happen.

    My boss at work is tossing around the idea of using one of my tunes for a 15 second tv spot...I would be stoked if that happens. Eat Ravioli. It's your duty.

    Monday, September 22, 2003

    Check out this Killdozer fansite

    I'm hoping and praying that I can make it to this

    A very non rockin' afternoon...I felt like a weirdo, taking notes on what passers by were wearing as I sipped coffee outside of Full City today. (I can't help it-I'm a very curious person)

    I was happy to chat with Honey today. Stoked about seeing Clint Connely's band Consonant tomorrow at John Hank's

    So long suckas - nice baggy jeans, hoody sweatshirt, sunglasses and Addidas.
    The weekend seems like a blur. Cos and I caught only a few bands down at the celebration. The best was Calexico. We almost didn't go down for them but decided to at the last minute.
    I'd heard Calexico recordings before and knew they had a cool, spacious vibe with interesting instrumentation, but I was unprepared for how good they were live. Vibes, nylon string + electric guitars, upright bass, drums, accordian, lap steel and trumpets + killer mariachi-influenced alt-rock is the only description I can come up with offhand. All the players were ace; the drummer and accordian/trumpet/guitar player stood out as being exceptional and the guitarist/vocalist had great stage presence. Very inspiring and the large local audience was really digging it, although only a few were dancing. Highlights were a cover of Love's "Alone again or" and a drawn out mariachi/space jam (sounds wrong but it wasn't) called "Crystal Frontier" I'm always happy when some truly good bands come through Eugene and actually have a good audience. I can't even count the amazing bands that have only played here once or twice to empty halls and never return to the hippy-college town that's too stoned to break away from the TV to go receive some live music stimulation.

    All aside, I feel drained on a Monday but happy to be more-or-less back on track with my various projects and other aspects of my life.

    Sunday, September 21, 2003

    You can check out Dan's site for his perceptions on the show we played yesterday. I had fun and it was great to see Casey from PDX + all our regular friends from about town.

    The Eugene celebration parade was fun yesterday morning - virtually a duplicate of last year. Spent the morning behind the Kiva with Mark & Richard, Scottk & Laura + Jill Freemanguy and the Crusher + Jill Catino and of course me and Cosmo. The floats seemed to be not as good this year; my least favorite was the giant picture of Eugene's new classic rock 'morning guys' on KZEL. I don't even remember their names - Jake and Jerk or something - but it just seems so lame that they're just a couple of syndicated jocks from LA - so why put a 7-foot picture of them on a trailer and pull them around Eugene? (Plus, it was a bummer that Scottk can't yell "F**k Cyd and Mark" anymore!) For the record, I HATE CUMULUS BROADCASTING and I hope the recent FCC ruling that was overturned in DC will force them to give up their maximum share of our area's TV and Radio stations.

    more later

    Friday, September 19, 2003

    Went yesterday with Cosmo to get him a clarinet for his first year of band. I know that might sound mundane, but he was totally stoked to get his hands on a new instrument and his enthusiasm was contagious. After the rent-to-own runaround, we got him a decent student model for the highly indecent price of $735 !!! Highway fucking robbery!! Next time, I'm doing my research and finding a used one. So now, it's all honks and squeaks around our house. He hasn't quite worked out 'Paranoid' but his C major scale is coming along.
    I've been practicing with Dan J for his upcoming Eugene Celebration set tomorrow at 4pm 10th and Olive. With me on bass and Brian Gardiner on drums, Dan's set is starting to sound like a frantic mid-west Meat Puppets/Minutemen/(slightly)Wilco thing. I like the slower numbers better 'cause they don't put a cramp in my wrist. Come; see; hear.
    Otherwise, life is unpredictable but slightly less horrible than usual.

    Thursday, September 18, 2003

    I was stoked to find a nearly-new computer monitor at VOS for only $70 yesterday. My old monitor was really biting the dust. Now I can view the outside world 17" x 17" ...apparently, it's beautiful outside.
    Zookie and I caught Bourbon Renewal at Mac's last night and marvelled at how long it took to get a drink in a half-full bar. Good to see Tony and Humper. Whoever their guitarist is, he rips it up on that trad-blues stuff.
    Still helping Cosmo put together his art show at Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art. It opens October 1st and I believe there's going to be a party on October 3d sometime in the evening with wine, cheese and Jolt cola (do they still make that stuff?) I really hope some people come down to show their support for juvenile creativity.
    I'm mega-looking forward to the show I have coming up with Yeltsin at the Tiny Tavern on Saturday the 26th of September. Their website looks great thanks to Mary's web skills.
    No conclusive dreams last night - I think I slept too well thanks to Black Butte Porter.

    More later

    Wednesday, September 17, 2003

    Awake once again, life takes on the surreal quality of a dream. Is life indeed just a series of random, dissconnected events that we try to make some kind of sense of, or is it exactly what it seems?

    Here's my latest dream:

    8th and Blair, Eugene. I'm hungry; all I want is a burrito. Where Sweet Life should be , there is a row of run down restaurants. I walk in - it's absolutely filthy inside. The clientele are a surly bunch of homeless kids and mall rats. I think better of getting food there and walk out. Outside, I meet up with Chris Ross and he lets me ride his new invention - a bicycle that looks like a modified skateboard with two wheels on ski poles. It is exteremely hard to balance and I fall off. I walk across the street to meet Spirit. She's hanging out with Gordon Smith and his charming family. Spirit tells me that Senator Smith is going to be the new bass player for our band. It turns out he's really into Sabbath. I consider the possibility that my ex wife has turned Republican. Still hungry, I attempt to cross 6th Avenue; there's a train track on a bridge that runs over the street. It's very hard to climb over, with huge gaps directly over the racing traffic. I drop 1/2 an orange that I was eating onto the traffic below. Gordon Smith's charming wife shows me an easier way to get across using a ladder. I'm across and suddenly, I'm in my van, approaching an unknown mexican restaurant near an overgrown river bank. As if by telepathy, the woman inside the restaurant starts talking to me while I'm still approaching in my van. "You don't even have to get out.", she says, "You don't even have to order. We will serve you directly. If you would like us to, we will talk to you as if you were a woman. We will call you 'bitch'. We know what you like. " I get out of my van anyway. I am very hungry and just want to eat something. The restaurant is a diner-style burrito joint. The lady in the restaurant brings me an order even though I haven't asked for anything. It's a double burrito smothered in ravioli. She tells me it's $15.99 . I tell her this not what I wanted - I just want a burrito. Annoyed, the woman dumps half the plate into the garbage, fashions a very small burrito out of what is left and serves it to me. It's not what I want, but I eat it anyway. End of dream.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2003

    Don't forget to check out Cosmo's Blog! Cosmo Cole's World Of Horror
    Yippee!! Another day!! I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!! At least I can count on a.)Coffee always being good and b.) If I stay busy enough with assorted projects outside of work, I can usually stay zoned out enough to complete my necessary daily tasks without thinking too much.

    ScottK did give me a great report from the sold-out "Black Flag" show he and Reed went to in L.A. He put it like this: (used w/o permission - sorry, Scott!)

    "Opening band Mike V. and the rats (with Mike Valleley) sucked playing stupid new style tough guy punk. Then Greg Ginn came out and an unknown drummer to play the MY WAR album,
    along side a pre recorded BASS LINE! Mike V returned to the stage to play like Henry Rollins
    and down hill it all went. I can barely continue. after 5 or 6 songs the booing from 4000 ex fans
    of Black Flag cut the My War set short. 20 minutes later DEZ Cadena, Robo and Greg Ginn hit the stage again, and for a second I thought this might turn around. but no ...........
    Stopping and starting songs along with the PRE RECORDED bass they pissed through all
    the favorites, so half heartedly, trash cans, shoes and trash rained from the sky above,
    the boos getting louder than the shitty AND I MEAN SHITTY sound system, they scooted off stage with no good bye. people  were in shock. 'Fuck Greg Ginn!' was the chant that echoed through the doors and out onto the street."

    Geez! This makes me feel like I need to step things up if I REALLY want to start disappointing people.

    More later

    Love, Ed

    Monday, September 15, 2003

    Too many dreams to keep track of these days…

    Yesterday was a fantastic futuristic/nihilistic dream straight out of an Ursula K LeGuin novel. In the not-too-distant future, a city of skyscrapers was overgrown with vegetation. Vines, trees and shrubbery poured over high buildings, which seemed abandoned save for the forest inhabitants that lived there. The buildings seemed very close together and jumping from one to another seemed to be easy.
    At the start of this dream, I was in the undergrowth of a forest alongside a gravel road. The military police patrolled regularly for renegades (why? I don’t know.) Along with a friend, I snuck up on a military helicopter and stowed away on the outside of the chopper and rode into the overgrown city.
    The downtown looked similar to Crescent City. I seem to remember the Bank of America. I made my way through a faux trail up to the top of the wooded skyscrapers and found a secret penthouse apartment that was dusky and old. Once there, I turned on the lantern and hid, thinking subversive thoughts in my little hide- a-way while the helicopters patrolled outside. I felt cozy and warm.
    This dream made little sense to me, but the feeling was great – that good old "alone against the world police-state" feeling. Society was crumbling. Nature was taking over the territory that humans had assumed was their own. Plus, the vision of a nature trail that wound up and over the tall buildings was amazing – like seeing pictures of lost Mayan and Inca cities covered so completely that you can’t tell building from natural terrain.

    This is what I daydream about while at my job.
    Awwright!! Another Monday! Don't ask me why, but I'm actually in a good mood today - it must be the fact that I actually caught some sleep last night. I have to take my doggie in for ear surgery (and wallet surgery for me) in a couple of hours, which will mean more missed work (Gods of commerce, don't fire me yet!) but I've got to take care of my critter since she takes care of me.
    I'm anxiously awaiting the report from Scottk about how the Black Flag reunion show was-did it measure up? Was there blood and missing teeth? Did people get called "Posers" for being middle-aged, ex-punks who were trying to be the badasses they were "Back in the day"? Only two or three people in this town will have the perspective to answer these questions, so stay tuned.

    Cosmo has his own blog now!! it's kind of weird to think of your own kid getting out there in the potentially creepy world-wide web, but if you're not a pervo, then go check out . IF ANYONE GETS CREEPY WITH MY KID (i.e. gross emails, e-stalking etc...) I WILL MAKE YOU PAY. Back off, creeps! peace and love, Ed

    Sunday, September 14, 2003

    Just another crusty Sunday... The debut of Giant Robot Head was kind of shaky. Too much spiked punch from the prom, I'm afraid; plus, the club was almost empty since everybody in Eugene seemed to be at one of the many insane parties going on. Still, it was fun to be making some new sounds and I've got a hunch GRA will raise it's ugly, digital head again.
    The aforementioned "Prom" at T and K's house was amazing. The decor was out of sight - gold stars hanging from the ceiling and walls; cheesy 80's new wave hits being spun by DJ Sleeve and tons of beautiful people dressed to kill. I don't think I've ever actually seen so many people dressed up in Eugene ever. It was nice seeing many friends, especially Mr and Mrs Random, various band members and many other acquaintances. A gala event, to be sure.
    Now, it's another recovery Sunday. My poor dog has a hemotoma in her ear, which is inflated and painful looking - hello, veterinarian + bills. I can't wait until I can put my pet on my work insurance plan. (Cold day in hell)

    Talk to you all later

    Friday, September 12, 2003

    John Ritter was a man. John Ritter was a good man. John Ritter was, hands down, my favorite sit-com actor to ever portray a single gay man living with two Malibu bimbos. He will be sorely missed.
    I suppose we all saw the imminent death of Johnny Cash coming, so I can't say I'm surprised to hear about it today. I'm just grateful the man ever existed in the first place and survived as far as he did into his life, staying creative and vital up until he died. Now, just as with so many other popular icons, we'll have an assault of tributes to Johnny in our various small and large media and interest in his amazing body of work will soar sky-high for awhile. With some icons, that might seem like cheap fanfare. But Johnny Cash . . . he really was on a higher level of humanity than so many other fallen rock stars. More sincere than those British Invasion rockers. More relevant than the entire history of punk rock. More populist than most world leaders ever will be. Johnny Cash's presence in this world felt like love.

    Thursday, September 11, 2003

    Addendum: I will be playing at Sam Bond's on Saturday, appearing as Ed's Giant Robot Head , a somewhat Hello Lobster - inspired set. Makin love to soda machines the mechanical way.
    Hello ya doin' / it's been a long time / nice to know ya / back before you were fried...

    Suffering from brain rot this morning. I actually had fun doing a product demo at a store with (co-worker)Geri yesterday. Not as mortifying as I thought it would be. We just stood around feeding people and kvetching about work and life when things got slow. At least T dropped by and said 'hello'.
    My house is getting appraised for a re-fi tomorrow - everybody cross their fingers for me. I can't wait to get my home remodeled into the ultimate rock and roll party house from hell. Boo-ya! Gotta get a new car, too - the Big Red van has been trying to commit vehicular suicide for some time now.
    I may be playing a solo set at Sam Bond's on Saturday, opening for Binary Band (from somewhere? I don't know) 'cause Hello Lobster cancelled.
    Still having withdrawals from giving up on glue but I'll be damned if I have to go back to Betty Ford one more time.

    Wednesday, September 10, 2003

    Back to work. Today, I'm doing my first "Product Demonstration". I suppose that forcing yourself to do new things and expanding your job skills is ultimately a good thing, even if it seems moderately humiliating at times. All hail the Product!
    I'm very much enjoying the dark entrance of fall into our fair little town. I'm ready for some darkness and rain. Summer is like optimism and fulfillment; Fall and Winter are more like a yearly death and rebirth.

    Tuesday, September 09, 2003

    Tuesdays are the new Mondays. I think I made it to work on time today. Last night, T and I went out to catch NY songwriter Jesse Harris + another dude named Jonathan Hickelman or something. I’d seen Jesse some years back with a hot combo of musicians playing what I thought of at the time as being "Coffee-House-Songwriter-Rock" . this time around, it was just Harris + an upright bass player. Really good, Paul Simon-esque, literate tunes, but also BORING AS HELL so after awhile we left and walked through the rainy night home.

    Friday, September 05, 2003

    So, Wilco at the McDonald theatre was great last night. I was having a hard time standing in the crowd - an amazing turnout, actually; damn near sold out. (I remember friends telling me they barely had ANYONE at their last WOW hall show 3 years ago) The band tore it up with it's post-country, noise-infused rock. Some of the numbers were straight-up renditions from earlier albums. For me, the sweeter songs really hit the spot much more than the gargantuan noise-burger country stuff. I was heartily reminded of Dan Jones' while watching Jeff Tweedy do his thing - there are some undeniable simularities between their styles. DAN - GO FORTH AND GET BIG TIME LIKE THESE DORKS SO I CAN RIDE YOUR COAT TAILS!
    Carla Bozulich's opening set was great, although I was hoping that Nels Cline would be playing with her (he wasn't). She (as far as I could tell) stuck to Willie Nelson songs, accompanied only by her electric guitar and some nice electronic drone sounds. 'Red Headed Stranger', her opening number, got a great response from a nearly full house. Alright Eugene! Way to finally show your support for some artists who deserve it. I hope you all spend your money on some of the amazing smaller-time artists and songwriters who come through town instead of saving it up for that next String Cheese Incindent show at Herbalife Amphitheatre.
    Now, I'm extremely late for work and not at all feeling like going, considering I stayed up til the wee-wee hours of the morning. Beer, coffee and cigarettes. I hope they invent some new food groups soon.

    Thursday, September 04, 2003

    So, things are rolling along; not so much rocking. All bands that I play in seem to be at a standstill at a time when I could really use the distraction of having something extra-curricular to prepare for. Gigs are elusive at present. I feel like I've crossed the threshold from Punk Rock to Adult Contemporary. Scary thought.Time to get back to the drawing board and start writing until something comes up. I'm presently finishing up "Forgotten Hits" , which should come out in November if all goes well. Still working up a tour with Pellet Gun for late October - I think we have 2 NW dates so far.

    I'm mainly filling up space, as my brain is full and might start leaking if I don't turn on the spigot. See you all at Wilco + Carla Bozulich tonight.

    Tuesday, September 02, 2003

    The weekend is over. Back to work. The Hot August Ty Connor show was fine-what I remember of it. I'm just glad Mars was high enough in the sky to guide me on my crooked walk home.
    Last night, Billy and Chantel hosted a Labor Day party, which I attended in a semi-vegetative state. After croquet and some food + drink I was feeling better. Mostly, I just hung out with Raenie & Patrick + Scott & Annabelle + Steve & Molly.
    After viewing Mars through a nice telescope, it was time to go back home, this time feeling slightly less crooked.