Friday, September 26, 2003

Gnnngghghhhhhh AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been struggling with quitting cigs all year long and I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'm highly irritable and ready to bite the head off of anyone who comes near me, so STAY BACK! Don't smoke around me and if I beg you for a cig, TELL ME NO! My co-workers think it's a bit odd that I'm squirming and writhing around on the floor of the office biting myself, but they already have an idea that I'm a little sideways of normal, so they're politely ignoring me.

Tonight, at the Tiny Tavern, Yeltsin and Ed Cole will rock you. BYOB and stay outside if you're intent on maintaining the boycott on the venue - just come within earshot and enjoy the music at least. I'm sketchy on the details of what went down there last week (something about missing teeth and a flying beer glass); I'm just happy to play on a bill with one of my favorite local bands at the moment.

No other news to report. I'm just amazed I could sit still long enough to write this entry. GNNNNGAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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