Sunday, September 21, 2003

You can check out Dan's site for his perceptions on the show we played yesterday. I had fun and it was great to see Casey from PDX + all our regular friends from about town.

The Eugene celebration parade was fun yesterday morning - virtually a duplicate of last year. Spent the morning behind the Kiva with Mark & Richard, Scottk & Laura + Jill Freemanguy and the Crusher + Jill Catino and of course me and Cosmo. The floats seemed to be not as good this year; my least favorite was the giant picture of Eugene's new classic rock 'morning guys' on KZEL. I don't even remember their names - Jake and Jerk or something - but it just seems so lame that they're just a couple of syndicated jocks from LA - so why put a 7-foot picture of them on a trailer and pull them around Eugene? (Plus, it was a bummer that Scottk can't yell "F**k Cyd and Mark" anymore!) For the record, I HATE CUMULUS BROADCASTING and I hope the recent FCC ruling that was overturned in DC will force them to give up their maximum share of our area's TV and Radio stations.

more later

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