Saturday, September 27, 2003

The show at Tiny Tavern with Yeltsin was a success. I was afraid no one would show due to the neighborhood Anarchists' boycott of the club due to some dumb actions on the part of the owner. I did notice a letter of apology posted near the door for whatever it was he did to piss off the local political contingent. Guess what people? Humans make glaring mistakes all the time, whether they're proprietors of Tiny's or anarchists throwing rocks at cops and receiving heavy-handed sentences. I don't believe in an utopian potential for humanity - I believe we're flawed and beautiful and prone to dysfunction. (ed. note: enough on the rant, already!)

All aside, people showed up, so yay. I felt kind of spaced-out, but musically I think we were pretty on - especially for the band that never rehearses. I especially liked "Can't Move her" this time around, as it had some musical twists that none of us were expecting and still came out well.

Yeltsin definitely rocked it in their sad, post new-wave guitar-pop style. They were loud, so the vocals were hard to hear through the shitty PA but that's life. Highlights were the schoolyard bully song that Jake sings + ex Officio + By Myself. If you haven't heard these tunes yet, go check out their link and download their mp3's.

It seemed like a sad element prevailed in the mood the whole night, yet people seemed to be having fun at the same time. I pat myself on the back for avoiding all opportunities for bumming smokes off of friends; the downside was that I was a nervous freak all night long. Today, I'm feeling much, much better.

Got the rough mixes back yesterday for Vagiant Uk sounds pretty good, in a Ratt/New York Dolls/ Billy Squire kind-of way. We have a Halloween show opening for the Cherry Poppin Daddies at McDonald Theatre. I don't think I've ever played in a venue that big before. I'm sure it will feel slightly weird, but it's only Eugene. I can remember opening for the Daddies 8-9 years ago at some theatre in Salem and being absolutely petrified to go on in front of a sizable audience. I think I have a bit more confidence about the matter now. We'll soon see.

More later

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