Thursday, March 22, 2007


I hate myspace! It has sucked my brain dry. Why do I ever check that stupid stuff??

I guess being in a band and all, I figure it's good to keep up on networking, etc... but this stupid myspace thing has gotten out of hand. I swear, it's just another instrument of The Man to anesthetize and distract us all while the underlings of The Man go raping our civil rights and burning all of our money in big piles, stacking it in with all the dead bodies and machines that they sold us and then threw away. I tell you, it makes it hard to get up in the morning and check my myspace to see if I have any new friend requests or comments of false adoration.


My Space is and always has been in my HEAD!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I applied for a new job position at work and got it! Is this good or bad? Good, ultimately. I've come to the decision that it is easier to have a full time job to support my (and my family's) ass(es) and have insurance benefits than not. All I know is, I love going to school, working fullish time, playing in a band, doing sound and spending time with my family, but it's really hard to do all that and fit in an appropriate amount of sleep during the course of the week. I have made this life-change in the name of sleep-aquisition.
It's funny that I've been scratching out a lot more song and lyric ideas at work and school lately - filling my book full of inane little ditties and sordid lamentations while I hum along with a pallet jack or, if I'm in class, while I listen to some of my fellow students warble away in my group vocal class. That class in particular gets me to writing; I don't know why - maybe because it's stimulating to hear all these people that seem so different than myself singing songs, sometimes their own, that mirror so closely the experiences I have had in life. We are all just like John Peel's description of the Fall; always different, always the same.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Crazy fun show on Friday night. Dan Jones and Squids/Underlings/Femurs. Same old comrades rockin' in new decades. Sometimes, change happens slowly and is imperceptible, except one moment you notice...things are different. The Squids have turned into the Who! I've seen them so many times that I haven't noticed until now that something new has happened to them. High kicks, rock stances, sweat and broken guitar strings. Mangle-jangle, abrupt, spontaneous. Joy happens. Can't contain the exploding rage of being trapped in a person and wanting to...SCREAM!!!!!!