Monday, September 15, 2003

Awwright!! Another Monday! Don't ask me why, but I'm actually in a good mood today - it must be the fact that I actually caught some sleep last night. I have to take my doggie in for ear surgery (and wallet surgery for me) in a couple of hours, which will mean more missed work (Gods of commerce, don't fire me yet!) but I've got to take care of my critter since she takes care of me.
I'm anxiously awaiting the report from Scottk about how the Black Flag reunion show was-did it measure up? Was there blood and missing teeth? Did people get called "Posers" for being middle-aged, ex-punks who were trying to be the badasses they were "Back in the day"? Only two or three people in this town will have the perspective to answer these questions, so stay tuned.

Cosmo has his own blog now!! it's kind of weird to think of your own kid getting out there in the potentially creepy world-wide web, but if you're not a pervo, then go check out . IF ANYONE GETS CREEPY WITH MY KID (i.e. gross emails, e-stalking etc...) I WILL MAKE YOU PAY. Back off, creeps! peace and love, Ed

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