Monday, September 15, 2003

Too many dreams to keep track of these days…

Yesterday was a fantastic futuristic/nihilistic dream straight out of an Ursula K LeGuin novel. In the not-too-distant future, a city of skyscrapers was overgrown with vegetation. Vines, trees and shrubbery poured over high buildings, which seemed abandoned save for the forest inhabitants that lived there. The buildings seemed very close together and jumping from one to another seemed to be easy.
At the start of this dream, I was in the undergrowth of a forest alongside a gravel road. The military police patrolled regularly for renegades (why? I don’t know.) Along with a friend, I snuck up on a military helicopter and stowed away on the outside of the chopper and rode into the overgrown city.
The downtown looked similar to Crescent City. I seem to remember the Bank of America. I made my way through a faux trail up to the top of the wooded skyscrapers and found a secret penthouse apartment that was dusky and old. Once there, I turned on the lantern and hid, thinking subversive thoughts in my little hide- a-way while the helicopters patrolled outside. I felt cozy and warm.
This dream made little sense to me, but the feeling was great – that good old "alone against the world police-state" feeling. Society was crumbling. Nature was taking over the territory that humans had assumed was their own. Plus, the vision of a nature trail that wound up and over the tall buildings was amazing – like seeing pictures of lost Mayan and Inca cities covered so completely that you can’t tell building from natural terrain.

This is what I daydream about while at my job.

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