Saturday, June 28, 2008

(Louis and Louis)

So many things to report - let's see if I can hit a few of the more important happenings:

Louis had his first birthday yesterday. He stayed pretty well entertained the whole time, thanks in part to Tina's parents, Big Louis and Cathie, who came up from Cali to observe the event. We had BBQ steak and cake and then went to go see Cosmo play some baseball, out the old Elmira way. His team won and Cosmo's keen hitting was part of the reason. Fun, fun, fun.

Mr Random came ove today to record the Underlings' practice for his radioNOT blog. I think he said he'll have it posted in a day or two. The segment will be part interview, part music and all sweat, since it wsa 96 degrees Fahrenheit outside and about 110 degrees inside the garage. Phew! I think our playing was better on some songs than on others, but overall we rocked it good and can't wait to hear the results. Be sure to check out his other fine podcasts as well - get hip to listening to radio in a pod-style. Time to plug in and pod-out, geekoids of the internet!

I've really been liking our fine, hot weather here in Eugene. The first half of June was bleak - cold, rainy, miserable - not at all like June should be. Now. it feels like summer is finally on and I'm glad.

My biggest bro comes tonight with his family - that would be Darrow - and my youngest bro - Walter - is here tomorrow. Plus, Softball tomorrow and of course, work tomorrow night. I think I keep busy, but I still feel lazy at heart.

Peace out!


Friday, June 06, 2008

Holy Shit!!!! This vid re-charged my batteries and now I am ready to take on the day:
Meat Puppets live, probably from 1986/87/88