Friday, September 19, 2003

Went yesterday with Cosmo to get him a clarinet for his first year of band. I know that might sound mundane, but he was totally stoked to get his hands on a new instrument and his enthusiasm was contagious. After the rent-to-own runaround, we got him a decent student model for the highly indecent price of $735 !!! Highway fucking robbery!! Next time, I'm doing my research and finding a used one. So now, it's all honks and squeaks around our house. He hasn't quite worked out 'Paranoid' but his C major scale is coming along.
I've been practicing with Dan J for his upcoming Eugene Celebration set tomorrow at 4pm 10th and Olive. With me on bass and Brian Gardiner on drums, Dan's set is starting to sound like a frantic mid-west Meat Puppets/Minutemen/(slightly)Wilco thing. I like the slower numbers better 'cause they don't put a cramp in my wrist. Come; see; hear.
Otherwise, life is unpredictable but slightly less horrible than usual.

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