Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Alright! On time for work today despite the late night out. Went down to John Henry's to check out Consonant with Evan Dando. I felt lucky that Keith let me "work the back door" in lieu of the steep admission price. Thanks to Abba, too.
Consonant...were awesome to hear and see, but something just didn't hit right about them. I most enjoyed just hearing the wispy rasp of Connely's voice along with the Burma-esque chord progressions. There is something about the Boston bands I've seen - they all sound great on record, but sometimes they're so fucking loud that it's hard to distinguish the subtleties of their songs. Call me old. Still, I could hear the roots of Sonic Youth, Husker Du and many others coming out of the geezer's voice and amp.
Evan Dando just about made me puke. I hate to be abjectly negative, but WHAT A WHINING WEENIE! I hate people that cut their first song short because their stage mix isn't right, especially when the (misguided) fans of his music were completely pulled in and attentive. I just got the feeling that Dando wasn't giving his all since it wasn't a packed show and he came off as being condescending towards Eugene for not coming out in droves to lick up his whining drivel. Compare that with artists of much higher stature (John Doe, Elliot Smith, Uz jsme Doma, the Jesus Lizard) who I've seen play to 20 people in this town and they still gave their all...waaaahh, Evan. Go back to Boston.
Afterward, T and I split and cruised by WOW hall to listen to Dick Dale from outside...the door guy was nice and popped open the window so we could look in for a few tunes - Dick was awesome! A totally packed house was digging his every move and his guitar heroics were dead-on. What a cocky bastard! An ace player with great stage presence; I was glad to catch a bit of his set.
A very rock and roll Tuesday.

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