Thursday, September 18, 2003

I was stoked to find a nearly-new computer monitor at VOS for only $70 yesterday. My old monitor was really biting the dust. Now I can view the outside world 17" x 17" ...apparently, it's beautiful outside.
Zookie and I caught Bourbon Renewal at Mac's last night and marvelled at how long it took to get a drink in a half-full bar. Good to see Tony and Humper. Whoever their guitarist is, he rips it up on that trad-blues stuff.
Still helping Cosmo put together his art show at Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art. It opens October 1st and I believe there's going to be a party on October 3d sometime in the evening with wine, cheese and Jolt cola (do they still make that stuff?) I really hope some people come down to show their support for juvenile creativity.
I'm mega-looking forward to the show I have coming up with Yeltsin at the Tiny Tavern on Saturday the 26th of September. Their website looks great thanks to Mary's web skills.
No conclusive dreams last night - I think I slept too well thanks to Black Butte Porter.

More later

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