Sunday, July 01, 2012

Eugene Party Blitz 2012

Another dense weekend in the life of Ed. Friday after work, we all headed down to Eugene to stay at Kelani's house and allow Tina to go out to a bachelorette party with her friends. Party. PARTY!! I partied from the time I put the kids down at 9pm until 9:49 pm, when I retired my ass, totally blown out from a long week at work. PARTY!! I slept hard until 6am when the kids awoke and started pit-pattering around the house. It was nice to stay at a house that came pre-equipped with lots of cool toys and robots for my children to play with. While they were distracted and dismantling Kelani's robots, I drank 4 cups of coffee, made some breakfast and then went out for a much-needed haircut and procurement of a TDK SA90 tape from House of Records. Did I mention we were staying in Eugene to celebrate Louis' 5th birthday? Well, that was the plan and we went ahead and executed that plan, although the rain dripped down and everyone got wet. Jennifer brought a rain shelter to our ill-outfitted party at Swiss Cheese park. The pizza we brought was soon ate and the kids were stripped to their bathing suits and playing in the sprinkler-like water feature area while we grown-ups chatted underneath the shelter. Finally the candles were blown out, songs were sung and delicious cupcakes consumed. The rain let up and then the pinata was whacked, first by each of the kids 3x and then Tina went feral and beat up the space shuttle pinata until its contents blew mightily into space and were then gathered by the quick and greedy fingers of the children. Phew! What a relief to have one of your kids' birthday party over with for another year. Did I mention the awesome fruit platter I constructed? It was ate by all and I was glad to see the kids eating fruit instead of throwing it. Dang! Back to Portland late last night, now it is Sunday and Tina's niece is here from Phoenix to stay with us for 2 weeks. Recycled some bottles for gas and groceries and now I think I am ready to start my work week. I can't wait until work dies down and I can try to go back to thinking about making some music. I am getting ready to revive this as a new recording centerpiece in the basement studio. I'll post some results soon.