Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life is a blast. I like to have a good time, all the time.

Last weekend, we had Mr. and Mrs. Random and Dawn Baby and Zookie over for a lovely dinner on Saturday night. I had to leave early for my gig down at Luckey's, which was a fun evening of rock. We played with the thick-sounding Filthiest People Alive (pop songs with a hard, dual-guitar attack, keys and technical drums), and a side-project band of theirs called Hand Held, which was just keys, bass and drums. Sorely missed was Chance Became Fate, a band I've wanted to share a bill with for quite some months now, who had to cancel due to a family death. Please accept my condolences on the loss. Hopefully, we'll get to share a bill in the near future.
Other than reading friend's blogs and spending what time I do have on working, hanging out with loved ones, practicing with the Underlings and untangling Christmas lights, I really haven't been doing much. Next time you see me, poke me and then tell me to work harder, shut up and quit complaining.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's raining outside. It is raining like the clouds really mean it. And the wind, it is a'blowin. I love the onset of winter, with its intensity, coldness and menace. Weather like this makes me appreciate staying indoors, cranking up the heat and having some coffee while listening to punk 45's through a one-speaker stereo. I also got some cleaning done.

My friend, Justin Hrabe, singer from my old band Garden Weasel, has started a blog that features good punk rock mp3's from days gone by. Please check it out - it features songs from a KHSU radio broadcast done in February 1991. I'm contributing quite a few tracks to it that should be posted soon.

I'm preparing new mp3's of many of my old songs. I'll have several ready for consumption by anyone interested.

Peace & Rock,