Sunday, September 14, 2003

Just another crusty Sunday... The debut of Giant Robot Head was kind of shaky. Too much spiked punch from the prom, I'm afraid; plus, the club was almost empty since everybody in Eugene seemed to be at one of the many insane parties going on. Still, it was fun to be making some new sounds and I've got a hunch GRA will raise it's ugly, digital head again.
The aforementioned "Prom" at T and K's house was amazing. The decor was out of sight - gold stars hanging from the ceiling and walls; cheesy 80's new wave hits being spun by DJ Sleeve and tons of beautiful people dressed to kill. I don't think I've ever actually seen so many people dressed up in Eugene ever. It was nice seeing many friends, especially Mr and Mrs Random, various band members and many other acquaintances. A gala event, to be sure.
Now, it's another recovery Sunday. My poor dog has a hemotoma in her ear, which is inflated and painful looking - hello, veterinarian + bills. I can't wait until I can put my pet on my work insurance plan. (Cold day in hell)

Talk to you all later

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