Friday, September 05, 2003

So, Wilco at the McDonald theatre was great last night. I was having a hard time standing in the crowd - an amazing turnout, actually; damn near sold out. (I remember friends telling me they barely had ANYONE at their last WOW hall show 3 years ago) The band tore it up with it's post-country, noise-infused rock. Some of the numbers were straight-up renditions from earlier albums. For me, the sweeter songs really hit the spot much more than the gargantuan noise-burger country stuff. I was heartily reminded of Dan Jones' while watching Jeff Tweedy do his thing - there are some undeniable simularities between their styles. DAN - GO FORTH AND GET BIG TIME LIKE THESE DORKS SO I CAN RIDE YOUR COAT TAILS!
Carla Bozulich's opening set was great, although I was hoping that Nels Cline would be playing with her (he wasn't). She (as far as I could tell) stuck to Willie Nelson songs, accompanied only by her electric guitar and some nice electronic drone sounds. 'Red Headed Stranger', her opening number, got a great response from a nearly full house. Alright Eugene! Way to finally show your support for some artists who deserve it. I hope you all spend your money on some of the amazing smaller-time artists and songwriters who come through town instead of saving it up for that next String Cheese Incindent show at Herbalife Amphitheatre.
Now, I'm extremely late for work and not at all feeling like going, considering I stayed up til the wee-wee hours of the morning. Beer, coffee and cigarettes. I hope they invent some new food groups soon.

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