Monday, September 29, 2003

Another dream; this one bordering on bizarre:

I'm in Gasquet, the rural Northern California town I grew up in. I'm working in the vacant lot in front of my mom's old house with my mom and brother Mike. In the building adjacent to the lot, there's a display window. In the window there is a corpse-like body in tighty-whitey underwear. Upon closer inspection, I realize that it's me as a teenager. I look dead, yet well-preserved. I have bruises on my face and body; apparently, I had an accident and I had to have a new body constructed at some point and this body is what's been left over for all these years, unbeknownst to me. I'm feeling a mixture of horror and curiosity as I get closer to this corpse of myself. I go into the building and examine myself. Now, I look even younger - maybe nine or ten - and I'm coming back to life. I'm very excited at this second chance to see myself grow up. The interior of the building is done in a bright yellow tile and is very clean and warm. I take my young self outside, talking all the way, telling young me about all the wonderful things that he has to look forward to. we decide not to go upstairs to the scummy apartments and opt to walk to my mom's house in the back. I can hardly contain my excitement.
At the front of my mom's house, about three of my brother's mexican friends are laughing and letting off fireworks; they seem drunk and are beckoning my brother to come out and either fight or party with them. I muscle past these guys with mini-me and go inside for dinner. When my brother goes to the door to answer these guys, they start talking loudly about all the new flavors of ravioli that are about to come out. I shout out to them that they should shut the f**k up and that I should know a thing or two about ravioli since I work for (insert name of the company I work for here).
I go back to myself, still sadly excited. Suddenly, we seem to be back at the original building and the small version of me is packaged, like a life-like doll. No; packaged like a frozen entree. I peel back the plastic, dip a finger in and taste myself. It's as if I've turned into some kind of hummus or tofu pate. I was delicious.

End of dream.

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