Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Yippee!! Another day!! I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!! At least I can count on a.)Coffee always being good and b.) If I stay busy enough with assorted projects outside of work, I can usually stay zoned out enough to complete my necessary daily tasks without thinking too much.

ScottK did give me a great report from the sold-out "Black Flag" show he and Reed went to in L.A. He put it like this: (used w/o permission - sorry, Scott!)

"Opening band Mike V. and the rats (with Mike Valleley) sucked playing stupid new style tough guy punk. Then Greg Ginn came out and an unknown drummer to play the MY WAR album,
along side a pre recorded BASS LINE! Mike V returned to the stage to play like Henry Rollins
and down hill it all went. I can barely continue. after 5 or 6 songs the booing from 4000 ex fans
of Black Flag cut the My War set short. 20 minutes later DEZ Cadena, Robo and Greg Ginn hit the stage again, and for a second I thought this might turn around. but no ...........
Stopping and starting songs along with the PRE RECORDED bass they pissed through all
the favorites, so half heartedly, trash cans, shoes and trash rained from the sky above,
the boos getting louder than the shitty AND I MEAN SHITTY sound system, they scooted off stage with no good bye. people  were in shock. 'Fuck Greg Ginn!' was the chant that echoed through the doors and out onto the street."

Geez! This makes me feel like I need to step things up if I REALLY want to start disappointing people.

More later

Love, Ed

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