Monday, September 18, 2006

Mission of Burma, September 17th, 2006

My heart was slain by Mission of Burma last night. The band from the past coming back with a blast. Now I see where so many noisy/artsy/melodic/destructo-bands got their ideas from. I can remember feeling so turned on when I first discovered MOB when I was 18 - I bought a copy of Reflex magazine with a copy of 'This is not a photograph' included as a flexi-disc. I dropped the needle, and my brain was changed. MOB were chemical to me in the best way.
Last night was like that all over again. I went into the show with no expectations and my mind was blown with the first chord. I could wax eloquently about how surreal it was to hear 'That's when I reach for my revolver' in such a powerful, emotional way by three guys that could have been has-beens, but turned out to be the real shit instead-but I won't. My mind has been blown again, and it's just what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An era has ended. Not just for you, not just for me, but for all of Eugene and Lane county.

I have dispensed with my long-time associate, the red-and-white Chevy van, that has served me so well since June of 2001. I know it's been said, many times, many ways, but a man ain't a man without his van. I feel a gaping hole in my heart, where my van used to be; a hole that will take a long time in healing before it is ready to allow another van in. But someday, I will have another van. MARK MY WORDS.

For months now, the red Chevy van was in a steep decline. When we took it up highway 58 about a month ago, past Oakridge & up 3,000 ft, the van, it was overheating and finally the fan belt broke. We made it back home the next day, trying to coast whenever possible to keep the van-ship from overheating. During our recent move, the old Chicken Ship of Love was sputtering and clanking - the drive line was developing problems and the engine was running but prone to overheating.

Finally, the red Van just bit it. It started to leak water out of the freeze plugs on the side of the engine. I drove it out past the airport on highway 99 yesterday and sold it to Pick-a-part salvage yard for a mere $75. It barely made it & it was overheating horribly, spraying water, clanking etcetera, but still, my faithful red one made it.
I rode my bike back into town and that was that,

Thanks, Red Van! May you rest in pieces and hopefully be recycled into many other vehicles. Long Live the Red and White Van!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wow!@ I can't believe I haven't posted since 8/22. It seems like things keep happening in my life.

Tina, Cos and I moved over onto Churchill st, waaaay over in west Eugene. Kind of suburban-feeling; I think I just saw the Brady Bunch getting out of their mini-van down the street - but we love our pad- plenty of room for all of us + a wonderful back yard with nice, big trees. I can't wait to crank up the Marshalls and see how the neighbors react - I have a feeling they will all grow to love the rock.

Tina is off, on her way to fly to California and then Rhode Island, escorting her grandmother back home. I hope she has a safe and wonderful trip. That girl knows how to travel, though - let me tell ya.

The Underlings will debut this Saturday, September the 9th at 9pm at Luckeys Club Cigar (located by Broadway - or 9th ave) opening for the avante-new wave of TOUCHFORCE. If you are reading this, I hope you choose to attend, because I am particularly proud of how this new band is developing. These guys - Dylan Esmonde and Mike Z - are playing the sh*t out of the material, and it's really sounding fresh and full of potential. Garage-y yet pop and smashingly energetic; we'll knock your socks off and make you eat them.