Tuesday, October 21, 2003


The NW mini-tour with Pellet Gun and Ed Cole has gone from four shows to three shows to two shows...to ONE AMAZING SHOW! This Friday, at the Tonic lounge in Portland, we will rock you hard. Many thanks to Eric Jensen and Dave Clark for offering to back me up...now, I'm back to my core band of Raenie on drums and Billy on bass. Practice was great last night.
Other stuff...has been going really well. More new songs are in the works; more whacky sets are coming up for Halloween. I'm considering taking most of November off from music-too much of a drain to try to do it all. Rock and Roll is over-rated sometimes.
As Mr Random points out, it is unseasonably warm for being October in the NorthWest. It is absolutely beautiful today, with the clear, bright light filtering through the just-now-turning-yellow trees. I feel like burying myself with leaves.

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