Tuesday, October 14, 2003


No, not much to report. Life is swell; the sun is shining after a few days of rain; it's definitely feeling like fall.
I skulked into John Henry's yesterday to track down Eric for some practice scheduling...he'll be the interim drummer for a couple of NW shows. It's kind of fun switching bandmates around at the last minute-it could lead to some surprises for everyone. Eric also had some cool artwork for my next "interim" CD release. A cool turntable-thing + some stamp art also.
A beer or two later, I was hiking up Skinner Butte with Tina and experienced near-vertigo when I realized that we were at the top edge of the rocky cliff part with a nice 100-or-so foot drop right at our feet. Yikes! Be careful hiking with beer, kids!
UUUHHHHHH....Vagiant Uk this Friday at John Henry's with Courtesy Clerks and Fireballs of Freedom...should be a killer show.
Ok, Ok - back to work.

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