Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Dream last night :

Cosmo and I are taking care of my friend Billy's undertaking business while he is out of town. There is only one corpse for us to take care of and we can't blow it. We're driving the recently deceased to the funeral parlor in a kind of hearse/van vehicle. It seems like we're in Seattle or Lake Oswego or somewhere. We pull up to the parlor. There is a special door for loading the coffin in - it's a giant, two-piece cast metal door with an intricate design and a strange locking mechanism. It looks like the vault door on the Price is Right, during the combination game. We slide the clear, glass coffin into the door, latch it and then walk around to the inside through a different door. Once inside, Cosmo and I have a hard time lifting the coffin onto the high platform that it is to be displayed upon. We drop the dead guy a couple of times; at least he doesn't roll out. He looks like a likeness of Lenin, but with red hair and beard. Finally, we get him up on the platform. It seems like the parlor smells kind of musty and death-like. Now, Billy and Raenie are there. They're back from wherever. We're all rather non-plussed, talking about music and recordings and caring for dead people. Now, it's time for the funeral. End of dream.

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