Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Tuesday - the eternal limbo between Monday and the rest of the week.
It's always fun to run into Scottk at Albertson's. His ankle still seems pretty tweaked.
Halloween is virtually here and I haven't even got my costume together yet. I have got some work to do.

I love all the freaks that come out of the woodwork during the pre-Halloween season. I saw the local warlock-dude who is usually dressed like a leather-clad witch all the year round last night, walking through the gas station where I was filling up. He looked totally appropriate. And the freaky alcoholic/junkie with a heavy bag of God-knows-what, stumbling across Lincoln street - he, too, somehow seemed to not be out of place. I imagined him with a load of freshly robbed body parts for some heinous recipe. Yum!

Please come down to the 5th street Public Market at 4pm on Halloween to see Metal Detector perform a half hour of punk rock hits by the Ramones, Cramps and the Misfits. Later on, it's Vagiant UK at the McDonald Theatre.

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