Monday, October 06, 2003

A great weekend, but I'm glad it's over.

Ultra-recap: Friday's Cosmo art show was a blast - thanks, people, for checking it out. Saturday's John Zorn show was outa sight, even though the bastard New Yorker was wearing camo pants and an ugly pea-green t-shirt onstage at the Hult-great display of juvenile attitude for a middle aged man, I suppose. Truly, my favorite part of the show was the fact that Shawn Mediaclast could not hold in his whoops of enthusiasm during hot parts of the program and really got other people in the audience loosened up. By the end, everyone was very vocal in their appreciation for drum fills, bass thumps, alto skronks and trumpet blasts. Probably the most unruly audience I've ever seen at the Hult, actually. At different points, the drummer was actually playing with his fingertips, transitioning to brushes, sticks, mallets etc...without skipping a beat. I could go on...I'm still pretty stunned, actually. My friend Billy said Cobra was equally enlightening & very fun to watch also. Too much.
So...last night I played a low-key gig at Sam Bond's with pop songwriter Jim Basnight and Phamous Phaces...didn't stick around for the whole show but Jim I'd seen before and he was very polished with his songwriting and performing and a decent guy to boot...very much in the vein of modern 70's jangle pop along with 80's/90's guitar crunch pop...maybe too pop, actually, but like I said, very good. We (Billy, Raenie and I) played one of our best sets ever (I always say that whenever we play decently) even though (or maybe because) not many people were there. No new tunes or anything; sometimes, you just really, really want to play for playing's sake and it turns out to be very fun without a whole lot of pre-meditation...well, that is what I speak of.
Now, I'm glad to be back to work.

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