Wednesday, October 15, 2003

It is so dark and rainy today - beautiful. I love this last ominous week before daylight savings time switches back an hour - it feels like a semi-permanent twilight.

Was glad to run into Sleeve last night when I popped in to Sam Bond's for a beer. We had a fun chat about Tiny Tavern, sleazy internet sites and he gave me the full recap from the John Henry's fetish night thingy, which actually sounded pretty fun. I should have scammed my way in there but oh well.
Coming up this weekend (aside from the aforementioned Fireballs of Freedom/Courtesy Clerks/Vagiant UK show on Friday) is the Tom Heinl cd release (2 shows; 6 and 9) at Sam Bond's as well as the Ovulators/Shudders/Toad in the Hole at Lucky's, both on Saturday. I'll try to make it to all,'s only Wednesday and I already need a nap.

Better get back to the grind...

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