Monday, October 27, 2003


A very good weekend it was. Friday's show at the TONIC lounge in Portland was great. I drove up with Eric Jensen and Cosmo + a load of amps (we had to be prepared to be extra loud). Cos was dropped at his cousin's house in NE for the weekend. Off to the Tonic...
And, upon loading in, the sound guy, Neil, was very uptight yet helpful. We squared away the order of bands, etc...
Billy and Raenie showed up and we had time for a quick soundcheck before they ate some food. The Tonic Lounge is shaped like a slice of pizza, and, having such an irregular shape, sounds fucking awesome. Neil dials up some great stage sound and we're stoked to play to the PDX hipsters that seem pretty damn young compared to us... I'm nervous, as per usual, but fuck it - we came to play.
First chords of Molecule - holy shit! I'm borrowing Eric's 4 x 12 cab for my amp and it sounds fucking amazing! This cab is beat to shit and used to belong to me and now, I'm regretting giving it away. Our set goes really, really well. I'm always hesitant to play the acoustic numbers, but they go over great. I love it when people who have never seen you before are really digging it. We keep it to the point and get the hell off the stage. Time to talk to friends we haven't seen in awhile, etc... D.TRO, Toby, Rob Jones are all there + several other PDX friends...anyway, you get the picture.

Dorian Crush are next and are really good- alt pop with a boy singer that can actually sing. They kind of remind me of the Smiths, although they have a more American-Indie sound. Altogether good but they play a loooong set. I am a fan of 30 minute sets. Long sets+4 bands=a very long night.
The next band was kind of an indie-prog rock band with guit/bass/drums/sax and go over like an aluminum balloon. I can't remember their name.
PELLET GUN played a fantastic set. The dynamics were sounding great throught the sound system. The crowd stuck around for their whole set and were digging in. They definitely have a style that goes over well in P-town and I'm sure they won some new fans that night. Plus, Eric did the splits onstage and didn't miss a beat.
THE REST OF THE WEEKEND... I snuck off to the coast with TIna and it was very nice.

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