Friday, October 03, 2003

Alright! Another Friday and this one is going to rock. I like to sneeze my thanks to Mr Random and Eric for helping spread the word on my kid Cosmo's impending art show tonight at Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art. A SMALL TIME CORRECTION: The opening is actually at 6:38 pm tonight; not 7:11 pm as was previously reported. Art, spasmodic improv music, food, drink and lots of interesting people to look at. For all those out there that aren't familiar with Eugene, Oregon - this town rocks! We have the greatest core underground art and music community that really crosses all boundaries - punks, hippies, musicians, photographers, artists, alienated weirdos, gorgeous people, total oddballs - we've got it all and we make the effort to support our own without staying in our own little niches.

OK, OK - enough on that spiel. I just got lost in a conversation with a co-worker about the large homeless 'family' group that sleeps in the adjacent church parking lot - we're talking 15 + kids and adults in sleeping bags every morning. As far as homeless folks go, these are decent people who clean up after breaking camp every morning and then head off to do whatever it is they do during the day. There's definitely a heirarchy - a young blonde hippy is the ringleader who seems to direct things and it trickles down from there. Another layer of the American caste (-off) system. Makes me evaluate whether I truly need to go across the street for that luxurious cup of coffee every day.

Ok - back to work

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