Friday, October 10, 2003 Total system failure - a blog by a depressed Japanese guy (teenager?) who loves Syd Barret and Pet Sounds... cute but depressing.

I don't know about anything rad or rockin' going on this weekend. I do believe my PDX friends Tracker are playing at Sam Bond's tonight; I might sneak down for a short while to soak in some suds and tunes.

Nothing else groundbreaking, save the anxiety of having to scrape together a rhythm section at the last moment before heading to Seattle and Portland next week.

Working on putting the home studio together this weekend. I now have enough mics and cables. All I need is a decent mixing board and a coat of paint...voila! I've already got a few bands lined up to record, so it looks like it could be a fruitful winter. Anyone out there with a 16 channel (or better) mixer they want to get rid of?


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