Sunday, November 30, 2003

Very sad to hear about Mr & Mrs Random's cat. My condolences go out to the Random family.

The trip down to Takilma for the Ovulators/Yeltsin/Metal Detector show was fun but exhausting. The Takilma Community Center was a very cool building with a nice wood dance floor + a great stage set-up and a nearly-adequate PA system. You definitely got the feeling that it was a rural hippy counter-culture alternative school scene - I think someone said the building functioned also as a kindergarden/primary school during the week. Ironic that the beer garden was set up in the kids library section.
Cosmo and I played a short Metal Detector set to open the show - we did a couple of Sabbath and Ramones songs + one of our own. Cos kicked it on Jivan's set and sounded very solid.
The Ov's had people dancing from the get-go. People were showing up in droves - mostly the local p*t grower contingent, to be sure, but also regular jock-kids and a lone rural punk rocker who was stoked on some bands from big-city Eugene coming down to play in the boondocks. Tina's song about the drag bar was the highlight of the night for me - one of those magical moments in a set where everything comes into focus + the arrangement had some quiter moments that really allowed the vocals to shine. Jivan's playing was very complimentary to the Ov's style and sounded great.
Yeltsin were a total hit last night, partly since Takilma is Jake's old stomping ground. Holy shit! There had to be around 200 people there over the course of the night and the all dug the segmented genius pop/rock of Yeltsin - well, when they weren't outside smoking the devil's own reefer they were, anyway.
After the show, the jams started. I stayed in for a few random tunes and Cosmo played as well, but by 1 am ...we were fucking tired. Since there were still a ton of people cavorting inside the community center, we high-tailed it to Cave Junction and Tina simultaneously got us a room AND got the Ovulator's a gig at the Junction Inn lounge...??? At 2 in the morning ??? We laughed on that one and then snored hard....
Now, back home, feeling crusty just like last sunday. Coffee, anyone?

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