Saturday, November 22, 2003

Scottk chastised me for deleting my wicked Desert Sons rant from 4 weeks ago - look, dude, I took it down because I couldn't back up my critique with facts, since much of it was hearsay anyway and that was a looong time ago. My panties were just in a bunch that night and I needed to vent. BUT, I promise, no more blog-editing. I'll stick to my guns and leave all cranky spiels un-deleted, hence-forth.

Tina and I went out to the amazing and wonderful Billy Barnett's 50th birthday bash out at the Gung-Ho studio residence tonight. I ate chicken, further distancing myself from the strictly-vegetarian lifestyle that I've been living since I was 18. It was very fleshy, yet tasty too. Many fine friends were in full effect - Raenie & Patrick, Scott & Annabelle, Steve P, Chantel, Tyrone, Anna, Eric Sprado etc... It was cool to see all the pictures of Billy as a young man with all the various bands he's been in. A hero to most; I feel lucky to call him my friend.
Poked around Gung Ho with Tina - she had never been & needed to see the hallowed halls where good tunes come to life.
Afterward, zipped Tina home so she could prepare for her show tonight with the Ov's at Luckey's; now, I'm hanging with the terror kids, Cos and Isaiah, playing video games and wondering where all my beer went...

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