Monday, December 01, 2003

DAMN YOU, DESERT FATHERS, FOR MAKING AN ALBUM THAT I ACTUALLY LIKE!!!! I wanted so very badly to hate your guts, but I end up being sympathetic. Attention local noise geeks - you would probably like the aformentioned band if you like the following: Big Black, Scratch Acid, Butthole Surfers, Sounds of Crashing Metal etc.. etc... etc... Loud, noisy, warp-y, wierdo-rock. Their record sounds very much like some of the Mr Bungle off-shoots on the Ipecac label. Not something I could listen to very much, however - I'm much more stuck in the homo-bubblegum pop hair-metal genre as of late.

I went down to House of Records today and grabbed my special-ordered Cometbus Omnibus today. In particular, I was looking for the issue contained within where Aaron Cometbus stayed at our Eugene apartment back in '92 and washed his foul-smelling socks in our bathtub, thereby ruining our chances of collecting our rent deposit. I haven't found it yet but I'll keep you posted.
I am reminded, however, that all this computer-blogging hoo-hoo is for the birds and generally places me in front of my glowing CRT for too many hours of my week. I've got to work my way back to writing off-screen, as hard as that is - I think I like the instant gratification of knowing people are reading in on my little world. I won't bail out yet, but the time is growing nearer.
One more thing to report: my adorable neighbors from Florida have ONCE AGAIN turned their front yard into the world's most bizarre Christmas tree lot, which means I'm going to have to endure the world's most bizarre Christmas tree-buying customers parking in my narrow driveway and blocking me in with their over-sized pickup trucks. Will this madness never cease? Hold me back from the gas can and matches...

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