Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

A killer day, to be sure. It started at the Tiny Tavern last night (read about that part here.) I woke up with a nice headache and felt very spaced out for most of the morning.
Cosmo and I kicked it over at Tina's and all ended up partaking in the food preparation and creation. Cos and I also wandered over to Michael and Leah's giant party for awhile before dinner and saw some of the regulars- Howard, Scottk, Pedro, Ruthie, Michael & Leah + others. We ate some turkey-flavored donuts from the deep-fryer----uber good.
Then, back to Tina's for major grazing and stomach -filling uuuuuggggghhhh ... yum . Cosmo played a killer snare roll in the backyard to compliment 11-year-old Osana's fire-twirling act - only in Eugene, folks, will parents let their kids practice fire-twirling. Damn! The kid was good, too.
Tomorrow is Cosmo's 11th b-day. I guess I should be feeling old now,
but instead, I feel like more of a kid. Rock and Rollllllllll!!!

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