Friday, November 28, 2003

Regarding Cosmo's original B-day:

Man, I laugh everytime I see pictures from the day Cos was born - I was 22 at the time, wearing a Jesus Lizard t-shirt and I looked SCARED AS HELL. Spirit looked pretty damn scared, too. I can recall watching "EEK the cat" on tv that morning - I wish that cartoon was still running. I don't think Spirit would appreciate a play-by-play description of the whole event, but at least I'll say this: I think she just about broke my fingers as she squeezed my hand during labor...crrrrruuuunnnnchh!!! Cos popped out at about 6 pm, all squirmy, slimy and cry-ey. 8 lbs 10oz of pure meconium-spewing, pee-squirting fun. He peed all over me in the hospital the first time I tried to change his diaper. I have no doubt that kids are put on this earth by the powers that be in order to humble us and remind us as parent/humans that we have absolutely no control over anything; the best we can do is wipe off the piss and continue to survive.
Now, my kid is slamming out beats (well, has been for 8 years) and knows more music theory than I do. How time flies...
Tomorrow, we're going down to the Ovulators/Yeltsin sleepover in Takilma, right over the hill from where I grew up. Cos and me may get to play a few tunes to open the show. Contact the Ov's for directions and come down!

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