Sunday, November 09, 2003

I'm posting this Sunday night so I'm not tempted to waste time at work blogging tomorrow.
My weekend ran like this: I watched a couple of horror movies with Cosmo - "the Ring "(very scary) and "Pet Cemetary" (extremely cheesy). Also saw the much-reccomended Led Zepplin dvd (I generally am weary of Zep, was AWESOME, dude!)

Mr Random's been busy with his blarg updates. Way to go! I like it when my favorite blargers update often. Myself...I'm starting to worry that I need to get more of a life. (aside from being a non-married, rock-and-roll dad with a job, three bands, a dog, cat and a bleog)
I can't wait to go see Robyn Hitchcock and Firewater in Portland this week. I know you'll all be there, but please don't talk to me about my blehg- it's getting to be a shameful thing.

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