Saturday, August 23, 2003

This is so frustrating ! I just erased my entry for the second time in a row. Technical gods of computer literacy, please watch over me.

I kind of got freaked out when several people mentioned reading my blog/rants. I guess that's what you get when you go public with your "contents" - thanks, MR Random
Cosmo and I had a fun gig in the park today. We played with Dave Snider from Pellet Gun on bass and called ourselves "Danger Seeker" . We rocked the sunday afternoon crowd hard with our songs about Metal Detectors and covers of Sabbath, Ramones and the Who. A squirt gun fight ensued after the show and Tina and I were summarily soaked by Cosmo and Isaiah.

Hung out briefly with the Ovulators - they were about to leave for a show in Coos Bay. They all loooked tan and relaxed after their two-week stint in California. You've got to hand it to those ladies - they are getting out there in the best way possible.

Now , off to Scottk and Laura's Bar-B-Q party. Toodle-loo

Peace out - ( )

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