Friday, August 29, 2003

Thank Jeebus it's Friday. I'm tired of selling selling selling product product product. Time to kick it with beer, music and video games with the kids. Cosmo and his cuz Steel spent the whole day goofing around in the garage studio, cutting homemade hip-hop tracks and scratching records. Some of the stuff they came up with is pretty hilarious. It is my opinion that all kids should be turned loose with noise making devices and recording gear. Footballs and frisbees should be banned, as should hot dogs and apple pie.
Tomorrow night is the Hot Summer Nightmare show at Sam Bond's Garage - several Eugene band members playing in one-off, made-up bands, one time only. I think I'm playing drums in the Unbathed and I'm pretty sure it includes Ty, Scottk and Waylon Spoden. Should be a strange and wondrous night. I hope to see you there.

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