Thursday, August 21, 2003

"Each minute closer to death / subtracting every breath"

...and now, even closer. I seriously hope no one considers this blog to have anything to do with suicide. As far as the 'Forward to Death' thing...ya gotta know, the clock is running out on all of us. Better to enjoy what time we have left before we kick it instead of wasting time complaining about how abysmal everything is.
Went out for beers last night with Zookie. We caught some cranky, old folkie bastards at Sam Bonds. The old-timers were digging it - I was jonesin' for a smoke (yeah, I think this is the 15th time I've tried to quit this year) . Dropped off at home late; now I'm late for work again. (I seem to have a theme going here)

Tina is back from her tour with the Ovulators and has many cool stories to tell about the Ov's rock and roll adventures in California. This feeds my desire to get the hell out of dodge and tour on my own ASAP. Times a wastin'. Does anyone have a smoke I can bum?

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