Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Caught a great show last night - Supagroup with the Perverts + Anxietites + Monkee Torture at John Henry's. Anxieties I missed. I was hoping the Perverts would be up next, since they were reccomended by Zookie, but instead it was Supagroup from New Orleans.
I'd heard this name before but didn't recall seeing/hearing them. They kicked ass - very much from the Supersuckers-AC/DC school of music, they struck me as being a cut above most other groups that ape this style. Tight, on-the-spot musicianship, great stage presence and really nice guys to boot.
The Pervs followed and seemed like a Eugene band I had seen before - perhaps some of these guys were in a different band at some point. They reminded me of several classic punk-era bands - Mission of Burma, Wire - as well as Sebadoh. Mostly clean guitar sounds and some ragged songs gave them a different, edgy sound. I would check them out again, but I doubt I'd let them get past second base.
On time for work today - pat me on the back, already. Coffee is good.

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