Monday, August 25, 2003

Played a fun show at John Henry's last night along with the Sham and Dan Jones and the Squids. Thankfully, people showed up - the club was dead - empty when we arrived. Our set (Ed Cole and the College Girls of Tora Bora) was loud and crunchy with a few acoustic tunes thrown in for good measure. The Sham were very jam-rock, complete with slick-looking gear and a trombone player. To their credit, they were all good players and no one seemed alienated by the"jams" . The Squids were in fine form, now with Brian from Pellet Gun on drums. I think I may have screwed Dan up a bit by messing with the settings of his effect pedals while he was playing, but the overall sonics were worth it.

Out til 2 am on a Sunday - how late could I possibly be today? Late enough to need more coffee.

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