Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Greetings everybody and welcome to the contents of my head. I'm sure this all seems very familiar, as most people I know also have contents in their heads and you are probably no exception, so I'll cut the crap and do my best to entertain and edumacate you from my thought-riddled perspective on the human experience.
I, as per usual, was late for work today. My job? Not important right now. Let it be known that I work on the phone. This is not my ideal line of work; like I said, I'll get to that later. Back to being late... I just couldn't tear myself away from watching Leo DiCaprio in 'Basketball Diaries' - a rather uplifting tale. I've been a Jim Carroll fan (music-wise) for some time. Never read the book. I don't know why I (and many others) take delight in watching such stories of putrid misery, but it definitely brought my mood up a notch. Thanks Leo, you young hunk you.
Band practice (I play in several - none really worth mentioning at this time) last night was alright but less-than-fulfilling. I'm struggling with a pre mid-life music crisis at the moment - is this anything new to anyone? How to balance the desire for a creative life without having to live in abject poverty. Anyway, usually band practice is nearly as fulfilling as a good show in front of a caring and attentive audience. Not the case last night, although without it, my night would've been completely free of comradarie, so thanks, Bill and Raenie, for that.
OK, back to work. Boo-ya, all you humanoids in the "house"

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