Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Burnt...tired...burnt-tired. I'm still recovering from my weekend get-away + thanksgiving gluttony. By the way, I'm thankful. Thanks.

I came upon a box full of unwanted used cassette tapes in the alley behind CD/Game exchange today and had the great idea of using them as media for my next 4-track release. Maybe packaged in some crazy way - you know, like in a dirty sock or in a zip-lock bag with some kind of cracker-jack prize (like underwear) inside. I really hate CDR's, as neat and cheap as they are. I have so many cool cassette-only releases from the 80's and 90's - Snakepit, MR Bungle, Soda Jerk, 9th Life, Billy Jack + so many of my own. I really miss the true guerilla-release satisfaction that only a tape can provide.

OK - gotta go create now.

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