Monday, December 15, 2003

Man, the Carnival of Chaos at the Indigo District was...chaos! I was all set to do sound and dropped some extra mics and gear down there earlier in the evening. It looked like things were set, PA-wise , so I went back home to resume clearing stuff out of my garage etc... When I returned, there were no less than four different people trying to plug things into the PA board; cables were hap-hazardly running in every direction; power strip was plugged into power strip was plugged into power strip...for an anal retentive guy like me, it looked like an electrical nightmare! Of course, the PA speakers didn't have proper cables and I ended up doing some surgery on some speaker wire with a borrowed knife to get the damn system fired up. After some re-routing of EVERYTHING, we were set.
DJ Margarine (I can't believe it's not butter!) aka Shawn DiFiore and I were set up in close proximity and it was very fun to be working next to one of my favorite dj's of all time. We joked and adjusted sounds and levels all night long while the Carnival acts came and went. Dancers, shadow puppetry, electronic beat-box/goth-dance music all came and went. Static Chromatic was a noisy, beat-driven group that featured Dj Lucious on beats/guitar/bass, Melissa from High on Peeps vocalizing and reknowned hair-stylist David Wilson on keys/effects/finger-twirling/glitter. Noisy, noisy, NOISY!!! and charming, too.
My favorite act of the night was the group Dum Dum, which features the songs of Scott _____ from the Necro Sluts. Dum Dum was a very 80's sounding goth/metal/slow-Misfits/Christian Death styled group that sounded great - very heavy and sludgey in a good way. Scott is a bonafide screamer, but also can tone it down and sing with an interesting wispy/raspy voice. The music seemed to have a natural consonance to it with long, building songs and flowing dynamics. Bravo! One of the only groups in town to really catch my ear recently. I highly reccomend them.
At the end of the night, I was too sober (as per usual) and gave Tina a ride home in her mom's Jag (nice car!) and then walked back to retrieve my van. it's Monday again. Time to recover.

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