Monday, May 30, 2011

Today is memorial day and the day of our favorite yearly party - the George and Georgia party out near Veneta. G&G are our good friends and landlords as well. George was Tina's boss for years when she worked at Poppi's Anatolian restaurant. The folks that attend are often connected to Poppi's or just local hippies and people often associated with the Country Fair or local food industry. There is always a huge spread of food - mmmm! You know that makes me happy. Olives, pitas, hot dogs, pizza, 10 different kinds of pasta salad, vegan treats and decadent non-vegan chocolate delectables - yummm! Combine that with the good company of old friends and a good latin jazz trio and it makes for a wonderful time. Did I mention that there is also an amazing garden, complete with koi pond and overflowing flowers, a pond for swimming, croquet, bachi ball, a nature hike...yeah it's just about the best thing for one's state of mind. It totally rained half the time and we often cowered under the shelter by the fire as kids ate burnt marshmallows and got smoke in the face. Damn, I am tired now from chasing my own kids all over the place though. Those little duders will wear you out given half a chance.

Ok, back to life now.

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