Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yay! I've been working all the time! Yay! I've been doing sound at both Sam Bonds Garage and Luckeys. Yay! I was deathly sick with a viral barfing affliction on Saturday and missed the Lane County Fair. Yay! Now I'm at work. Yay!

Music has been rocking and fresh. Sunday night I played music with my friends Brian and Don, jamming pretty hard on the Wipers tune Tragedy + some other song. Good licks, high kicks.

LAST night I went to Black Forest Karaoke for the first time on Tina's urging. Totally fun! I sucked, but tried hard to perform "Sunday Morning Coming Down" or "Sunday Morning Sidewalk" or whatever it was called. It is crazy to see how many people are into their own personal karaoke performances. Some were great, some were terrible, most were in between. I can't wait to go again.



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