Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I hate myself for not writing more often! I have a lot of stuff to get off of my chest, so let's just have at it:

#1: I've been auditioning several different drummers and bassists for my new band, which you will all hear about soon!
#2: I quit my stinky salsa-slave job and it feels really good. I am currently working at OGC again, handling the vegetables oh-so-carefully.
#3: I am going back to school - gotta get out of this werk-related rut I've been in - school seems like one of the only legitimate ways to survive WITHOUT A STUPID JOB!!!! I HATE JOBS!!! RAAAAAARRRR!!!!
#4: My new band has a name, and that name is the UNDERLINGS!!!!! Choke on that, suckers!!!!! Our first gig will be at Luckeys, September 9th, opening up for TOUCHFORCE, suckaaaaz!!!!!!!
#5: We're moving again, and we don't know exactly where yet, but we have about two weeks to figure things out.

Everything else is completely normal. Trust me.

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