Friday, February 10, 2012

I love this shitty, rainy weather! I guess that's why I live in the Northwest. I had a fun day tooling around on my bike - first, taking the LTD bus way out to near Autzen to get my teeth looked at by a vampire orthodontist, then riding back on the bike path, observing all the pretty things and jogging people with their earbuds in. Hopped by Buy and Sell center to buy a $12 key-of-G harmonica, grapped some meat and wine at Kiva and then off to the Wheel Works bike store for some of those little, nubby bolt screw thingys that hold on my bike rack and then, and THEN, off to Next Step recycling in search of a used Sprint luck there. It was very nice to head out for a 2-hour break from kid duty, since Tina dutifully took over and went to play group at Putters' Hot Dog and mini Golf Palace out on Highway 99. Now, I'm even sneaking in some time to write this blog. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone yet, but I think a super- awesome band called the Lovesores are gonna play with the Underlings real soon.

And my friends in FASTERS just posted a new ep on their bandcamp page:


mrs random said...

Sprint phone? Like one from the sprint network? We may have one or two... LGs. I'll check.

Ed said...