Thursday, February 02, 2012

Part 3 of Gasquet: revisted - Ed's version

Classic rock figures heavily into my imprinted memories of growing up in Gasquet. I don't actually think any of my siblings actually played Steve Miller Band around the house, but of course, SMB was ubiquitous in the 1970s. In my mind's eye, when I think of those hot, summer days near the Smith river, I think of my brother Mike in cut-off shorts, shirtless, riding a 10-speed with his interesting pack of partier friends, acting out some high school drama, chasing the feathered-hair beauties of the time and drinking stolen beer, jumping in the river or peeling out in whatever kind of car or truck was available. I do have snippets of true memories - being over at Brett F's house, looking at the 45 of Blondie's Heart of Glass and listening to it again and again on Brett's stereo; sleeping in the upper shelf of my sister's closet before I had my own room; playing a ukelele along with a dixieland jazz band that played in my mom's living room while a raging party ensued. That was the good stuff, and although my memory is not complete, somehow it ends up being linked to the guy that sang the Joker and Big Ol' Jet airliner. Here is the best cover version of the song by the Arcata band One Man Running from 1992:

I will hit this subject more clearly soon - I know it might be boring to read my fuzzy recollections in their present state - next time I will focus more on the 1980s and my own trials and tribulations in small-town Gasquet - Mountain School, my first band and maybe some images if I can scrape some up.

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Mustard Relics said...

Love Steve Miller. Heard the original of Gangster of Love this morning. My Aunt painted the cover of Book of Dreams on her wall in the 70s.