Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I haven't done this for awhile - here is something to pep you up for the afternoon:

I can't complain. I'm actually NOT looking forward to death, at least not right now. I'm comforted by the fact that people are taking to the streets in various forms, decrying the injustices of the system I gave up so long ago. I don't know if what is happening now will last, or if possibly it is just a sign of what's to come. More folks, coming together in common outrage against a lop-sided system that promises one thing and delivers something entirely different. It might not be the only way for us on the lower layers of society to effect change, but it's a start. Still, I have not gotten my ass down to any protest anywhere recently, so I am a desktop-spectator at best. Don't trust my opinion, but I am mildly optimistic about the future. In other-world news, I've been having fun, working on tracks for my "secret" forth-coming acoustic CD, as yet untitled, but sure to feature contributions from several of Eugene/Springfield's greatest players, strummers and pickers. Right now, I have 11 songs finished and I might try to squeeze out a few more before the whole thing is finished. This is the reason I love the shitty, clammy weather of the Willamette Valley: it makes it feel right to huddle up, indoors, with a fire crackling and coffee brewing, writing and recording tunes. Hey, I heard Dan Jones was playing down at Cornucopia on 5th with Jessie Meade tonight - maybe I'll shuffle on down and catch a tune or two.

take ya later,

p.s. check out my new myspace-only ep, "Psyche ward cops"

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piggers73 said...

Ed, thanks for being a consistent and reliable presence. In your blog, in you world for all your people... It makes me feel good knowing you're out there. Happy Holidays, bro.