Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well what can I say, it's been a great weekend and it isn't even over yet. Stuffed with late-afternoon-lunch super taco tacos and sipping on warm beer while the kids fuss and splash in their (supervised by mom) bath, I am in a warm and happy state. Last night was a fun night out with Dan Jones to go see the replacements documentary, Color Me Obsessed, which I recommend if you are a Replacements geek like I am. The movie held my interest until the end with no music whatsoever, only geeks, contemporaries, has-beens, ex-friends, wives and producers all giving their take on the Replacements' legacy of fun and strife. The film made me realize how much I love the 'Mats music and how it's been awhile since I've shook hands with it. Need to return to some of those crucial albums, maybe have a listening party or g^d forbid a tribute show. It's fun to still have idols from your teen years inhabit your head and heart, and I guess that was the common thread of testimony in the film. To those of us who are true 'Mats fans, we'll always be 'Mats fans. Another Rock and Roll cartoon gone sadly wrong, what can be better than that?
Holy smokes, I just had Amy Danzinger over to practice some cello parts for a new recording project I'm embarking on and it was awesome! We played in the garage for a fwe hours and hones some interweaving parts for four different songs I'm working on. Unbelievably fun it was! I can't wait to work with her and some other different acoustic musicians and then share the results with you all in a few months.
Wishing well-thoughts to all my friends around town who've been rocked by the death of JP from Whopner County All stars. The dude will be missed and many people in the area music community are blown away by the loss. So sad to see another friend leave all-too early. bummer-time.
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