Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Interesting it is, being at this stage of my physical existence. This weekend, I attended an organic convention in Portland, straining the limits of my cynicism control mechanism. The food and drink was delicious, as were some of the folks and the accommodations. While waiting for a music store to open(so's I could return some rental gear) I embarked on a nice long walk of the PDX neighborhoods just north, east and south of the Lloyd Center Mall. A great way to avoid spending money and/or avoiding intake of unnecessary food and/or coffee. I also enjoyed having a chance to sit and collect my thoughts on paper for a spell in my hotel cell.
In other news, I am psyched that I received in the mail and then installed a Harmonic Designs p90 pickup for my new Telecaster, so's I might create duller yet more rocking tones from my American made hunk of wood and wires. Pretty fucking fun, busting out the old soldering iron and playing surgeon on my new guitar. At first, I was afraid, but then it dawned on me that it was indeed my instrument and I could take it the hell apart if I felt like it, so I did. Much better than eating ice cream and hoping to view some late-night program that might make me laugh.

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Tractor Operator said...

yes! Solder! I want to hear this P90! I love a good pickup. What song are you doing? A reply on my blog will suffice. Hope you're good.