Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blogging has taken a backseat to pounding my head against the Facebook wall. Things in the life of this humanoid are well. Tina, Cosmo and I went over to Chez Random for a splendid feast on Saturday night. My memory is not the best, but let me recall for you now some of the delicious items we dined upon: mussels on the 1/2 shell, cheesy puff-balls, scrumptious mixed greens salad with warm goat cheese encrusted with nuts, delicious baked chicken leg-wings on a plate that were beyond belief good! Yuuummmm!! Also included were several good wines, both champagnes and a red and coffee, coffee, coffee with a chocolate tart with pecans. Thank you, Mr and Mrs Random! Your house is our favorite dining spot in town. 'twas nice to leave post-toddler Louis at home, courtesy of DJ Sleeve's babysitting service.
Other things that happened this past weekend are lost in my short-term RAM cache. Band practice happened with Underlings and it was rad. We've been working hard at birthing some new material since we are tired of playing off the same ol' set list. We have a 7" offer from a bona-fide record label that needs to be discussed amongst the band's quality control contingent. If the offer passes strict criteria, a new Underlings product will be headed to record store shelves before too long.
Stay tuned for more rock and roll news from planet Eugene!


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brian said...


Good on ya, who is the QA contingent? Seriously hope it pans out for ya! Gettin out the house is always a plus...gonna take leave soon.